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Oregon Company Makes 'Luxury' Tiny Homes

Now that the tiny house movement is in full swing, a custom company has come out of the woodwork to ride the trend.

Tiny Heirloom of Oregon City calls itself the “first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer” in the country. The budding operation is made up of six people, all under the age of 30.

The company started last year as a standard tiny house business, but CEO Tyson Spiess said they saw an opportunity to create a unique product for their customers that would last (hence the reference to “heirloom”).

“Everyone is going to be different, everyone will have their own style,” said Spiess.

Oregon City-based Tiny Heirloom started as a side business in 2014 to create quality, luxury tiny houses.

The custom base model starts at $65,000 and is made to order by Spiess and brothers Jason and Zach Francis. Each house takes between 90 and 120 days to build and ship out. And people are buying them up from all over: Texas, Florida, New York, and even Sweden.

Spiess says the tiny homes are more luxurious than typical because they have higher quality appliances and can be custom built to a buyer’s specifications. 

Despite being based in northwestern Oregon, Spiess said that Portlanders aren’t buying up Tiny Heirloom houses.

“A lot of people in Portland like to go the do-it-yourself route, which is great,” said Spiess. “We’re on the opposite end of the spectrum.”

It also might have something to do with local laws. The city of Portland requires people who wish to purchase an accessory dwelling unit to complete a permitting process. The ADU must be smaller than the main house, whether it’s attached or not, and the city has to sign off on the final design.

Down the line, Spiess said that the company hopes to expand, producing 30 to 60 houses a year.

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