Oregon, you’ve never looked so tasty.

New York-based blogger Chris Durso and his 9-year-old son are mapping the U.S., one edible state at a time in their project “The Foodnited States of America.”

It’s a part of Durso’s blog Foodiggity, where the former graphic artist writes about food and also “(makes) fun of food-related topics.” The project has attracted national attention since it started in 2014, including an appearance on the Today Show.


S’moregon… Part of The Foodnited States.

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The whole project was his son’s idea who suggested they make a food map that included “funny names, like New Pork or New Jerky,” Durso recounts on his website.

At state 30, the project’s Instagram account has more than 17,600 followers. The collection includes our other neighboring states Piedaho, Quinoashington and Kaleifornia.