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Oregonian Media Group Is Movin' On Up To First Ave.

The Oregonian Media Group is on the move.

The 300-person media staff is busy packing up for new digs at the Crown Plaza office building. In addition to the desks and phones you’d associate with a newsroom, the new space will also house an audio and video studio.

“The offices were designed with a focus on journalism and sales in a digital age,” the Oregonian reports.

Oregonian staff members are busy packing up to move into new office space Monday.

A few of the long-time staff members shared some of their favorite memories in a video Thursday, which includes dealing with intruders, blowing fuses, watching fireworks, experiencing and also reporting on an earthquake.

The Oregonian’s current building on Broadway is under a sale contract, set to close in September. There’s no word yet on who the buyer will be or how much the place is going for, but the Portland Business Journal reports that it would cost between $42 million to $60 million to construct a similar-sized office building in downtown Portland today.

“This is a storied news room that has a lot of great memories for everybody who’s worked here,” said Mark Katches, the Oregonian’s new editor.

Newspaper editors and reporters first moved into the space in 1948. Previously, the Oregonian owned a building at the intersection of SW Alder St. and SW 6th Ave. from 1892 until the new offices were built on Broadway. The first building was demolished in 1950.

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