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Oregon's Active Fires Would Cover 7 Portlands

Oregon’s ongoing drought and thunderstorms have spelled disaster for southern and central regions of the state this summer. The current wildfires in Oregon are burning 597,131 acres or 933 square miles, the equivalent to nearly seven Portlands.

Firefighters are currently battling 17 major fires, which includes six new fires in the Vale area. Six have been contained since the start of fire season and nearby communities begin the recovery process.

OPB has been following the wildfires throughout the region, but the best way to tell the story is through live updates. Our fire map shows where wildfires ignited in the state and the perimeters that are being secured by firefighters.

When you click on the fires, you can see the latest information on the fire, including the size, when it started and the cause.

Washington’s largest fire, the Carlton Complex, is 52 percent contained. The latest incident report finds that the fires in that complex have burned 391 square miles and destroyed more than 150 homes.


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