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Pacific Northwest Brewers Have A Message For Budweiser's 'Brewed The Hard Way' Ad

Budweiser’s new “Brewed the Hard Way” commercial left a bad taste in the mouths of craft brewers and beer drinkers, prompting outrage and snarky comments on social media as well as next day think pieces. But one Pacific Northwest-based videography company, Hopstories, saw the opportunity to say what craft beer is really all about.

“We wanted to put Budweiser back in their place,” said Hopstories executive producer Yancy Faulkner. “Don’t go making fun of our friends in the industry.”

The spoof shows craft brewers in the trenches and craft beer drinkers in place of the Super Bowl commercial’s cuts of Budweiser’s “macro beer” operation and party scene.

Borrowing Budweiser’s style, text cuts over the images with Hopstories’ message.

“It’s not brewed to be slammed,” says the text. “It’s brewed to taste good.”

The video also pokes fun at Budweiser’s one and only “golden suds,” saying, “We will savor our hundreds of styles. You keep pushing your one.”

“They’ve been scooping up craft breweries and basically backing their own brands that they just picked up,” said Faulkner. “I imagine (the breweries are) furious, absolutely furious.”

Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, recently purchased Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing and Seattle’s own Elysian Brewing.

The video took about six hours to edit from various shoots over the past two years and post to YouTube. In less than 24 hours, it’s already been viewed more than 36,000 times.

If you missed the Budweiser commercial during third quarter, here it is again.

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