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PDX Bear To Be Released Into The Wild After Romp In NE Portland Neighborhood

The small black bear caught in a Northeast Portland neighborhood early Wednesday morning will be released back into the wild. 

Julie Sabatier/OPB

“The bear will take a ride out into the woods and jump out of its trap and hopefully live happily ever after,” Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife spokesman Rick Swart said.

The male bear was spotted running through neighborhood yards in Northeast Portland’s Concordia neighborhood early in the morning.

Portland Police say they received calls about the bear just after 3 a.m., after the animal had broken through fences. The 2-year-old bear then climbed into a tree, where he remained for several hours.

Residents received automated emergency calls and Portland police used the hashtag #PDXbear to send out updates. Despite a warning to stay inside and keep pets indoors, many residents stood on sidewalks watching the bear, especially after it was tranquilized.

Portland firefighters climbed into the tree to retrieve the bear after it was put down for a nap. The bear was then moved out of the area.

OPB’s Julie Sabatier captured the bear’s trip to the cage and you can see the video on the WayPoints blog on EarthFix.

Julie Sabatier/OPB

Swart said the department would have considered euthanizing the bear if it had been hanging around the neighborhood for a while or going through garbage.

Wildlife officials said there had been reports of a bear swimming in the river near Hayden Island earlier this week, which Swart said might explain how this bear ended up in a highly urbanized area.

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