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Portland Animal Clinic Discovers 44 Missing Socks In Dog's Stomach, Wins X-Ray Photo Contest Prize

When you first get a dog, you can feel like you’re losing your mind — nothing is ever where you think it will be and sometimes you find half-buried shoes and toys in the backyard.

Most of the time you can find your keys or the food you left on the counter in your dog’s hiding places (or in its poop at the very least), but once in a while, you gotta call in the big guns and take the animal to the vet.

One unsuspecting family took their 3-year-old Great Dane to DoveLewis emergency animal clinic in Portland this February after the dog had been vomiting and retching all day.

X-rays showed a cloudy mass inside the dog’s stomach, so veterinary staff decided to do surgery. It wasn’t until after the procedure that the mass was identified as 43 and a half socks. The missing half sock is still at large.

The mystery of the missing socks in one Portland family home was solved after DoveLewis removed 43 and a half socks from the stomach of the family’s Great Dane.

While this story is absolutely outrageous by DoveLewis standards, it placed third in Veterinary Practice News’ national X-ray photo contest. Vets have really seen it all.

The winner of the photo contest came from the Paws & Claws Animal Hospital in Plano, Texas. There, Dr. Shawn Messonnier shot a radiograph of Kermit the frog (the pet, not the Muppet), who had eaten more than 30 ornamental rocks from his enclosure. 

DoveLewis spokeswoman Shawna Harch said there were plenty of other contenders that the clinic could have submitted this year, including dogs that had eaten corn cobs, needles, skewers, a V8 can, underwear, bras and Gorilla glue (and yes, there is a video). Harch said the sock-eating dog was a first-time offender.

The veterinary publication awarded DoveLewis $500. Harch said the money will go toward DoveLewis’ Velvet Assistant Fund, a program for low-income families with pet emergencies.

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