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Portland Misses Cut For Google Fiber

It seems Portland will still need to wait its turn for Google’s high-speed, fiber-optics service.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is expected to announce launches of Google Fiber in Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. Google sent invitations to local media in these cities this week, but didn’t mention what their presentation was about. However, the cities, which were all on the shortlist for the fiber-optics service, have a feeling that another high-speed Internet option is headed their way.

Portland is among a handful of cities that aren’t a part of the announcement, including Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Texas, and San Jose, California. Google has said it has yet to make a final decision on those cities.

Oregon’s tax-assessment rules may play a part in Google shelving Portland for now. State lawmakers are expected to look into how the rules would apply to the powerhouse tech company.

Google Fiber offers Internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second, or about 10 times faster than the average U.S. Internet connection. The option, which runs customers about $80 a month (or $120 for an Internet and cable package), is already offered in Kansas City, Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah.

The newspaper reports that it typically takes Google about a year to install the fiber-optics service after making the announcement to build its network.

If you were hoping to get faster Internet service sooner rather than later, CenturyLink is expected to roll out its own fiber-optic service in the Portland metro area by the end of this year.

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