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Range Of Reactions On Social Media After Reynolds High Shooter Named

After the lone gunman in a shooting at a Troutdale high school was identified as 15-year-old student Jared Michael Padgett, a range of reactions flooded social media, from anger to confusion to sadness.

People all over the country are following news of the Reynolds High School shooting as it continues to unfold, and many high school students added their voices to the conversation using the hashtags #PrayForReynolds, #RHShooting and #ReynoldsHighSchool. While some express confusion and rage, others challenge more compassion from the community. Two crowdsourcing campaigns have been created on to cover funeral costs for shooting victim Emilio Hoffman and for Padgett.

“In a situation like the one at Reynolds High School, there is no justice,” wrote Amy Evans, a 2009 Reynolds alumnus. “There is only heartbreak. We acknowledge that huge amounts of terror, anger, and even hatred can come from a tragedy like yesterday’s. But given the choice, we would rather respond with compassion than with more hatred.”

This has been a heartbreaking story to cover and the conversation surrounding the incident is just beginning.

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