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Salem Locals Embrace 'Angry Owl' Jokes With New T-Shirt

After four owl attacks in a Salem-area park, residents have decided instead of getting mad or even with the large, hat-stealing bird that they would make T-shirts. That’ll show it who’s boss, right?

The Statesman Journal reports that a couple locals have made their own “angry owl” warning shirts, which have a design originally shown on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last week.

The first owl attack victim, Ronald Jaecks, fittingly received the first known T-shirt as a gift from friends, as well as a helmet with a large owl attached to the top.

All of the reported attacks happened in Pasture Park over the past couple weeks, which has gained national media coverage (and prompted many, many jokes). The barred owl has swooped in on passersby, stealing hats and even drawing blood at times. Officials believe the bird is protecting a nest.

Though the shirts aren’t really for sale, you can make your own by downloading the image from the newspaper.

Salem angry owl

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