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See Portland's Winter Differently In 4 Photos

Oregon winters mean more cloudy mornings and the occasional fog advisory rolling into Portland. While some of us are coping by leaving town for some sun or taking Vitamin D tablets, local photographers are capturing the beauty of the fog that enveloped parts of the Willamette Valley this week.

“I love the fog mostly just because it makes everything look so different and bright,” said Portland photographer Jen Gardner. “It’s like a nice lightbox for photos.”

Hundreds of snapshots with the hashtag #PDXfog populate Instagram, documenting another perspective on the wintery, gray months.

“It gives everything a bit more moodiness, and it also gives you a nice clean background for whatever you’re shooting,” said another photographer, Ben Vickery. “A lot of the stuff I post on Instagram is pretty graphic and has strong lines, shooting in fog simplifies a lot of those lines and eliminates background noise.”


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“The fog brings a layer of enchantment to Portland,” added photographer Jeremy Pair. “Most of my street photography is usually shot on sunny days, so I’ve been using the hashtag as a way to challenge myself to shoot in another dimension.”

According to the Western Regional Climate Center, the City of Roses experiences an average of 33 foggy days and 222 cloudy days a year, a majority of which happen between fall and early spring.

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