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Spring Membership Drive Is Over — Here's A Video To Say Thanks

Now that spring membership drive is over and things are back to normal at the OPB offices, I had some time to find a way to say thanks in my own way. (I’m a digital journalist; viral videos and GIFs are how I express emotion.)

“Pledge So Hard” is a parody by two women, Grace Dobush and Marykate Moran, which they describe as a “love letter to public radio.”

“Pledge so hard, I’m shocked too / Hit that goal by hour two / If you could pledge what I just pledged / You’d be getting this tote bag, too,” the duo raps to the beat of “(Expletive) In Paris” by Jay-Z and Kayne West.

Dobush, a freelance journalist from Cincinnati who has been composing song parodies since she was a teenager, says on her website that the video was two years in the making. Its original title was “Eleanor Beardsley In Paris,” as an homage to NPR’s longtime correspondent there.

Thanks for your contributions to OPB and hope you like your tote bags!

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