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Super Moon No. 2 Coming To A Sky Near You

This year’s second super moon is expected to take over the skies Sunday, Aug. 10 along with the start of the Perseids meteor shower.

USA Today reports that the “Old Faithful” of meteor showers happens once a year and has as many as 80 shooting stars an hour. But with the event coinciding with the super moon, it’ll be harder to see the show.

The moon will be 30 percent brighter and appear to be 15 percent larger than on any other night as it will be 190,000 miles from the Earth. That may not seem very close, but consider that the moon’s furthest point from us is 240,000 miles away.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will host a star party on Tuesday, Aug. 12 at both Rooster Rock State Park and Stub Stewart Park at 9 p.m. There will be telescopes on hand and experts will hold informal lectures on the Perseids meteor shower.

Even if it might be harder to see the meteor shower this year, don’t be deterred from checking it out. You’ll be able to view the shower by looking at the constellation Perseus in the northeastern part of the night sky.

You’ll be able to see either phenomenon from anywhere the skies are clear, but it’s recommended to watch and to set up your camera for the moon rise as the sun sets in the west.

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