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Think Out Loud Debuts New Intro Music Monday

If you’re tuned into OPB at noon Monday, you’ll hear a new, funky beat to introduce the station’s daily talk show, Think Out Loud.

“After you’ve used (a song) for so long, you get burned out on it,” said head audio engineer Steven Kray. “We needed to freshen it up.”

The staff finally settled on “Pepper Snake” by Australian-based band, The Cactus Channel:

The 10-piece soul band is comprised of trumpets, saxophones (alto, baritone and tenor), guitar, bass, drums, flute, a tamborine and even an organ at times.

If it sounds familiar, you’ve likely heard it used as break music on the daily talk show. Kray said that he’s used it on-air once a month for the past two years. Each time it played, producer Dave Blanchard said it needed to be the new intro.

“It’s catchy and driving and neutral,” said Blanchard. “It’s really important that you can play it for both bad news and lighter shows.”

Commenters on TOL’s page have opposing views, and some wrote that the show should have turned to Oregonians for the new song.

“We did go local the first time, we’re just mixing it up,” said Kray. “It’ll be fun.”

What do you think of the new intro music? Share your comments with us.

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