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Too Soon? Video Spoof Pokes Fun At Cover Oregon's Many Problems

The same day that the Cover Oregon board decided to drop its website in favor of the federal exchange, a video spoof of Governor John Kitzhaber comes out of YouTube to poke fun at all the problems many people experienced when signing up through the state health exchange.

“I’m angry and I intend to hold those responsible accountable in the court of (expletive) law, court, Oracle,” not-John Kitzhaber says with squinting eyes.

He then tries to show how “easy to use” the website is — he struggles to get online with a dial-up connection, he can’t the login and he experiences multiple error messages.

“Cover Oregon: Soon we’ll all be healthy together,” non-Kitzhaber says with the Cover Oregon logo beside him and “*This is a joke” at the bottom of the screen.

Now that the state is moving to the federal exchange, those who signed up for health insurance through Cover Oregon may have to reapply.

OPB’s Kristian Foden-Vencil reported earlier today five of the 16 insurance companies on Oregon’s exchange don’t have the computer interface to work with the federal exchange.

Cover Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

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