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Uber Sweetens On Demand Service With Ice Cream In Oregon

It looks like Uber could be trying again to win over lawmakers, but this time through their stomachs.





As part of its annual Uber ice cream handout, the rideshare service had ice cream trucks out in Salem, Eugene and Portland.

In Salem and Eugene, people were able to download the app and request that Uber bring them the goods. Statesman Journal reporter Laura Fosmire wrote about her experience digitally hailing the ice cream truck.

But when I pulled up the app in Portland, I was told no Uber would be coming to OPB — locals had to go to the truck parked downtown by City Hall.

Portland and a handful of other cities banned non-taxi ride services completely to avoid issues with safety, taxes, labor laws and licensing, as well as to protect the taxi economy.

Uber has had its eye on the City of Roses, but city code requires a 60-minute advance reservation for non-taxi ride services, which doesn’t jibe with the on-demand rideshare model.

Geekwire reports that this dates back to when luxury cars first entered the Portland market and didn’t want to abide by taxi rules, like accepting all riders regardless of distance, having cameras in cars or setting pre-determined fares.

So now it looks like Uber has its sights set on Salem. The company has posted numerous ads on Craigslist for drivers in the capital city.

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