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UberPedal Offers Rides With Bike Racks, Launches In Seattle Friday

Seattle is taking ridesharing to the next level.

GeekWire reports that starting Friday, Seattle riders can request uberX vehicles to pick up both passengers and their bikes through the new program, UberPedal.

For an extra $5, Uber users can summon a car with a bike rack. The Emerald City is the first to receive the service.

The rideshare company partnered with Wisconsin-based Saris to provide bike racks to the Seattle uberX fleet.

Uber writes on its website that only a limited number of cars will have bike racks during the initial launch.

Currently, Portland City Code requires a 60-minute advance reservation for non-taxi services, including rideshares. This doesn’t bode well with Uber’s model — people use the rideshare’s app to summon a driver to their location right when they need a car. Last year, the revenue bureau advised the city maintain the restrictions to avoid issues with safety, taxes, labor laws, licensing and to protect the taxi economy.

However, as of July 1 this year, rideshare regulations were moved into the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s juristiction. PBOT spokesman Dylan Rivera previously said on OPB’s Think Out Loud that rideshare services in Portland are being seriously considered.

“Commissioner (Steve) Novick is interested in modernizing and taking a look at all of our taxi regulations and really trying to see where we can make improvements” Rivera said in July.

Uber is now operating in Salem, Eugene and Vancouver, although the company may be operating illegally in all three cities.

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