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UO Coach Speaks On Sexual Assault Case: 'Moving Forward Is A Tough Situation'

University of Oregon head men’s basketball coach Dana Altman made his first public comments Friday, expressing great disappointment in the three players accused of sexually assaulting a female student in March.

“There are four people whose lives were greatly altered and I feel really bad for the victim and her family,” he said at a 3 p.m. press conference. “Moving forward is a tough situation.”

Altman said he was aware that there was an incident before the team left for Milwaukee to play in the NCAA, but he wasn’t told that it involved a criminal investigation.

“That was the only information I received,” he said. When he learned what had happened, Altman said that he followed the university’s process.

He said after reading the police report, he spoke with the players: “Those were tough conversations, personal conversations. I expressed my disappointment.”

Altman said the players are now home with their families.

UO President Michael Gottfredson said at an 11 a.m. press conference that Altman will keep his job as head coach.

Students and faculty at the Eugene campus rallied again Friday and many took to Twitter. Thursday, Twitter was overwhelmed by negative opinions toward the university, but today, some tweets appreciate UO’s effort:

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