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UO Students Win Peabody Award For Viral YouTube Video

Two University of Oregon students were honored with a Peabody Award for an anti-rape video. The 25-second video has been viewed on YouTube more than 3 million times.

The Peabody Awards recognize achievement in electronic journalism and digital media storytelling.

Cinema studies student Samantha Stendal and recent graduate Aaron Blanton made the video “A Needed Response” in March of 2013, after  the Steubenville rape case — in which two teenage football players were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl when she was drunk and unconscious.

Their video — which is captioned “To the Steubenville rapists … Or any rapists out there.” — features a young man walking into a room where a woman is passed out on a couch.

“Hey bros, check who passed out on the couch. Guess what I’m gonna do to her,” he says, almost playfully.

Then in quick cuts, he props her head on a pillow, covers her with a blanket and places water by her.

“Real men treat women with respect,” he says before switching off the video.

Stendal told the Daily Emerald in March that she came up with the idea during finals week. While studying, she was also keeping up with the coverage of the Stuebenville case.

“… It was just frustrating to me how the media was covering it and just seeing the general victim blaming that was going on online and I just wanted to put something positive out there,” she said.

Since then, Stendal’s video has gone viral, featured on news networks and in major newspapers. Peabody Award judges describes the video as “Short, simple and spot-on in its critique of rape culture, the ingenious PSA by two University of Oregon students takes just 25 seconds to make its point that real men treat women with respect.”

Stuebenville rape Peabody Award

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