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Video: Salem Mom's Final Wish Caught On Camera

If you’ve had a long Monday, this story is sure to warm your heart.

Salem Hospital nurse Laura Peterson happened to overhear terminal cancer patient Sherri West talking with her daughter Sarah about wedding plans. So Peterson decided to take it upon herself to make sure the mother would be there for the big day.

Peterson said in an interview with The Statesman Journal that she knew West didn’t have a lot of time, so she and her co-workers and friends put together the wedding celebration in a matter of days. The bride’s gown and the groom’s tuxedo were both donated along with other services and the couple was married Feb. 1 this year, with friends and family from around the country flying in on short notice. A few days later, West passed away.

The Statesman said the family declined to be interviewed, but the hospital was able to film the special day and has distributed the story on YouTube. News about the wedding has been circulating in local media outlets and the YouTube video has received more than 7,000 views so far.

At the very end, West softly says, “I can die happy. I can die happy.”

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