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We've Heard From The Pundits, What Do The People Say?

Though some Democratic leaders and media organizations have called for Gov. John Kitzhaber’s resignation, Oregonians are more divided on whether he should stay in office.

Since rumors began circulating that the governor might step down, OPB has had a number of political experts on air. But regular Oregonians have plenty to say, too. Here are some comments from OPB readers on the controversy surrounding the governor. These comments have been edited for grammar and clarity. 

Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Gov. John Kitzhaber.

John Rosman/OPB

“He should be able to finish his term and retire with the respect he deserves.”
— Dan Jaggers, Springfield

“Obviously the governor is not thinking about the people in Oregon. Sounds like an episode on ‘House of Cards.’”
— Kathy Love

“If he had to even ‘think about it’ he probably needs to quit.”
— Camron Jahanshahi, Vancouver, Washington

“Between the Cover Oregon website fiasco and the fact that his fiancee has displayed questionable personal integrity while he continues to support her, I found it impossible to vote for his reelection during the last campaign. Couldn’t vote for any of his opponents, either. Since then, more has come to light that causes me to question his own integrity and now, his bizarre behavior means he needs to step down. He’s a distraction and I doubt anything will be done in Salem so long as he clings to his office.”
— Barbara Gordon, Philomath

“I think that we, the voters who elected Governor Kitzhaber, were well aware there was some questionable issues surrounding (Cylvia) Hayes when we elected him. I don’t think that has changed. I don’t think any of the new information warrants his resignation and I don’t think he has broken our trust. I think he is quite capable of leading our state and he would be better served to break from Hayes for awhile and reevaluate things with her rather than breaking from Oregon. His service to this state stands on its own merits regardless of the scandal surrounding his fiancee. (In my opinion).”
— Angelina Littrell

“I think we should just wait for the results of the investigations, and make decisions based on facts.”
— Victor Heredia, Tigard

“I think he’s a good governor overall.”
— William Meier, Portland

“Sometimes it isn’t about right and left, it’s about right and wrong. I’m certainly willing to wait for the results of an investigation but the tactics employed so far by the governor and (Cylvia) Hayes suggest unethical if not illegal activity. How much longer will the governor let this distraction continue? I can’t imagine his staff is focused on anything else.”
— Craig Olsen, Portland

“I say his (fiancee) should go. She should see that she is only hurting his career and know it best for him. Just thinking if the citizens are losing faith due to her actions she should move out and let everyone breathe.”
— Jenn Brent Engstrom, Portland

“If everyone with a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend were held accountable for their behavior a LOT of us would be screwed. If you have a problem with her behavior, take it up with HER.”
— Jack Perry, Gresham

“Keep him in office! That’s who we voted in. We love him. Not his girlfriend!”
— Valerie Voltz, Vancouver, Washington

“The majority know how invaluable Kitzhaber is as a leader, and DO NOT want Kitzhaber to resign. Please do better coverage on this topic, perhaps about what he’s done for this state rather than jumping on the scandal bandwagon. Thanks.”
— Lindsey Pearson, Portland

“A lot hating going on here. I think it’ll be a sad day if he resigns. He’s done great things for Oregon. Try and keep that in mind while your lynching this man without the facts being born out.”
— Linn Murdock Wofford, Portland

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