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Property Rights Advocate Dorothy English Dies At Age 95

The elderly icon of Oregon's property rights movement has died. Dorothy English died yesterday at age 95, after serving as the  public face for campaigns in favor of property compensation initiatives, Measure 7 and Measure 37. Rob Manning has this brief rememberance.


No On 49 Campaign Defends Property Rights Reforms

This fall, state leaders and a coalition of environmental and farm groups joined with some Oregon businesses are joining to ask voters to approve Measure 49. Measure 49 limits the development allowed under property compensation initiative, Measure 37. It changes the process for reviewing claims, and addresses the measure's legal uncertainties.


Federal Judge Okays Measure 49 Ballot Title Language

The legislative referral known as Measure 49 withstood a court challenge Thursday from property rights' advocates.

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A Year After His Death, LaVoy Finicum's Widow Carries On His Mission

LaVoy Finicum's widow, Jeanette, and their children are planning to hold a meeting later this month to talk about the Constitution, property rights and other issues.


More Legal Action To Follow Judge's Measure 37 Ruling

Oregon property rights advocates are planning to sue the state of Oregon, following a favorable decision from a federal judge in Medford.

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Future Of Oregon LNG Terminal Could Hinge on 1957 Easement

The company behind a project to export liquefied natural gas through Oregon is suing the the federal government over property rights after a decade of seeking state and federal permits.

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Court Declines To Side With Clackamas County Landowners

An Oregon appellate court has declined to side with some Clackamas County landowners over a property rights dispute. This is one of several cases testing Measure 49's additions to land use law.


Oregon Supreme Court Hears Measure 37 Arguments

The Oregon Supreme Court took up Oregon’s longest-running property-rights battle today. Lawyers for Multnomah County and for deceased County resident Dorothy English presented oral arguments to the justices in a case involving the Measure 37 land-use law.


Big Look Task Force Reviewing Oregon's Land-Use Planning

A task force is reviewing Oregon’s one-of-a-kind land use planning system and hammering out the last details of its draft recommendations. The Big Look Task Force is meeting in Madras. Its initial recommendations have encouraged property rights’ advocates, and worried smart growth proponents.


'Certainty' Of Measure 49 Seems Uncertain At Best

This week voters’ guides will hit Oregon mailboxes. And once again, the question of property rights and land-use planning are front and center. You’ll find dozens of arguments “for” and “against” Measure 49. That’s the legislative referral to limit development allowed under property compensation initiative, Measure 37.

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Metro Measure Explained

OPB reporter Rob Manning gives us a primer on the Metro measure on Portland-area ballots.

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Oregon Historical Photo: Buggy On The Beach

The beaches along Oregon’s coastline once served as a highway for buggies, stagecoaches and cars. But in 1967, a threat to public access for recreational use of those dry, sandy beaches mobilized Oregon’s citizens, sparking the fiercest battle of the legislative session.

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Abigail Scott Duniway May Represent Oregon In The U.S. Capitol

Duniway — along with Chief Joseph — may replace the statues of Jason Lee and John McLoughlin in D.C.

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Police Video Surveillance

Portland City Council will vote on an emergency ordinance (pdf) Wednesday that, if passed, will allow police to use video surveillance cameras on private property. The ordinance has been contested since early May over concerns that it oversteps privacy boundaries. Portland police say the new surveillance will help in the arrest and prosecution of drug dealers and gang members in Old Town/Chinatown. But opponents of the measure say the new surveillance invades privacy rights, and that the language of the ordinance is vague and gives police too much surveillance power — this is despite an effort by the Police Bureau to draft guidelines for how the camera would be used. Here's some photos from the neighborhood where video surveillance may be used: Slideshow photography credit: Luis Giraldo/OPB

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Right 2 Dream Too

Ibrahim Mubarak didn't always have a home. That's one reason he's dedicated his life to promote homeless rights in Portland. Mubarak has helped found both Dignity Village and Right 2 Survive PDX. And his newest group, Right 2 Dream Too, is currently leasing a prominent lot in Portland's Old Town/Chinatown district for homeless Portlanders to camp. The space opened earlier this month, on Oct 10th, which was designated World Homeless Action Day. The group has a one-year lease and a good relationship with the property owner, Michael Wright. Ibrahim Mubarak says he hopes to be able to stay there for the full term of the lease or — with the help of Michael Wright — find a bigger location for people who need a place to stay. Ultimately, he's hoping the city will suspend its "no camping" [pdf] ordinance. The legal status of the encampment is still not clear. On Tuesday evening, about 150 protesters at Occupy Portland marched up to 4th & West Burnside in an expression of solidarity with Right 2 Dream Too.

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Foot Traffic

Autumn is the deadliest time of year for pedestrians, according to the National Pedestrian Crash Report (pdf). Perhaps this is because it's beginning to get dark earlier and most accidents involving people on foot occur at night. Whatever the reason, recent accidents in Portland, Eugene and Salem show that Oregon is not exempt from this unfortunate trend. Whether you drive, bike or take public transportation to get around, almost everyone travels by foot at some point in their day, but do you know all your rights as a pedestrian? For example, did you know that every corner is a legal crosswalk, whether or not it's marked with white lines? Maybe you knew that one. But were you aware that if you walk over railroad tracks in a place not marked for pedestrian crossing, you're not only endangering yourself, you could be tresspassing? Railroad tracks are technically private property.

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Grant County Says 'Keep Out'

Residents of John Day are trying to keep an Aryan Nations group from establishing their headquarters in the eastern Oregon town. The community quickly rallied to show their opposition to the white supremacist group after their self-proclaimed leader showed up at the office of the local newspaper, the Blue Mountain Eagle, announcing his intentions to purchase property in John Day. People from John Day and surrounding Grant County gathered at two packed meetings last Friday in Canyon City to educate themselves about these white supremacists. The main speakers at the meeting were two Idaho activists who were part of a successful effort to sue the Aryan Nations group in 2000. Many residents wanted to know what legal rights they have to refuse to sell property to the group leader or decline to serve him in their businesses.

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Motoya Nakamura Hopes 'Sakura Sakura' Inspires People To Reflect On Their Own Lives

Photographer Motoya Nakamura's new exhibit features 12 images of cherry trees that are planted at the Japanese American Historical Plaza and Bill of Rights Memorial in downtown Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Nakamura hopes his art will "talk" to viewers.

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Spotify Sued, Yet Again, Over Compositions

Two new lawsuits against the music streaming leader landed this week, over issues that have already twice led to settlements.

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