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At Home With Farm Interns

The latest installment of our "At Home" series brings you an interview with a farmer and three interns living and working on her Central Oregon farm.

At Home With Wildfires

Carolyn and Ira Hodge lost their home in the Canyon Creek fire on Aug. 14.

Summer Whisman: At Home With ALS

Summer Whisman, a storyteller and writer with ALS, died Feb. 13. Think Out Loud visited her in 2014 to learn about living with ALS.

At Home With WWII Vet James Yamazaki

Ninety-nine-year-old Japanese-American World War II veteran and retired pediatrician James Yamazaki was deployed overseas in the war, and afterward was one of the first Americans to visit Nagasaki after the U.S. bombing.

At Home With Recovery

The Thurston Creek Oxford House is an intentional living facility for recovering addicts and is one of 160 Oxford Houses in Oregon.

At Home With A Language's Last Native Speaker

Verdena Parker lives in Winston, OR, and is the last living native speaker of the Hupa language.

At Home At Mitchell School

The public boarding school in tiny Mitchell, Oregon includes students from Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, and Poland.

At Home In The Bull Run Watershed

In the latest installment of Think Out Loud's "At Home" series, Lead Watershed Ranger Dan Weidinger and his wife Sacha Snyder talk about living inside the 147-square mile Bull Run Watershed.

At Home With Polyamory

In the second installment of Think Out Loud's "At Home" series, two polyamorous couples living together in Rock Creek talk about why they've chosen this lifestyle.

About At Home: Conversations Inside Homes Across Oregon

At Home is a series of intimate conversations from people's homes across Oregon.