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Portland Jury Will Decide Whether Boy Scouts of America Hid Abuse

A Multnomah county jury will decide whether the Boy Scouts of America documented, but covered up, sexual abuse across the country. That trial began Wednesday.

Lawyers for both sides say they won’t talk to the media during the trial. At the center of the case is a Portland assistant Scout leader named Timor Dykes.

In 1983, Dykes confessed to sexually abusing 17 Boy Scouts and was put on probation.

Even after that, Dykes continued to be part of Scout trips and meetings, plaintiffs’ lawyer Kelley Clark said in opening arguments.

Clark said that national leaders of the Boy Scouts of America knowingly ignored similar abuse in hundreds of other cases.

He said the defendants have turned over 20,000 pages of secret Boy Scout records documenting abuse between 1965 and 1985.  The defense argues the files will show they were protecting Boy Scouts.

Dykes’ supervisor was a Mormon Bishop. The Church settled out of court.

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