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Boy Scouts Begin Defense In Abuse Lawsuit

Defense attorneys for the Boy Scouts of America have started calling their witnesses in a civil suit over sexual abuse. A former Oregon scoutmaster has admitted molesting the plaintiff.

The defense attorneys are arguing that the Boy Scouts of America does not control what happens in local scout troops. They have also cast doubt on whether the abuse the plaintiff suffered as a child caused his depression and other problems as an adult.

The plaintiff is being called Jack Doe. He began abusing drugs including methamphetamines in high school.

Psychologist Lorah Sebastian evaluated Doe for the defense. She agrees he suffers from depression and self esteem problems. But she said that could be a result of his drug abuse.

Doe’s attorneys have argued that the confusion and anxiety he felt after being molested led him to abuse drugs.

The attorneys want the Boy Scouts to pay $4 million to Doe for his pain and suffering.

They also want the Scouts to pay $25 million in punitive damages.

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