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Boy Scouts Face Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit In Portland

Another Portland man has filed suit against the Boy Scouts of America and its local branch the Cascade Pacific Council. He says he was molested by Portland scout leader Calvin Malone in the 1970s. 

Attorney Randall Vogt is representing the plaintiff. Vogt says his client met Malone through scouting when he was 13. The suit alleges the troop leader won his trust and then gave him alcohol and raped him.

Randall Vogt: “The behavior of this guy Malone was pretty outrageous and pretty notorious.”

In 1992 Malone pleaded guilty to unrelated child rape charges. He is serving a twenty-year sentence in Washington state. 

The Boy Scouts of America settle most sexual abuse cases before they go to trial. But this spring, a Multnomah county Jury awarded 20 million dollars in a child sexual abuse lawsuit against the scouts.

There are five more plaintiffs in that case.