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Seattle Lawyer Publishes Files On Sex Abuse In Boy Scouts

A Seattle lawyer who represents victims of sexual abuse who take action against the Boy Scouts of America, has published a list of 1900 people either accused or convicted of abuse within the Scouts.

The cases are scattered all over the nation. But the list includes 41 people in Oregon and 43 in Washington.

The legal files of each case aren’t included, but there are names, locations, dates and comments.

Those notes vary greatly, from “Accused of incest. Sentenced to serve 16 years” to “Accused of sexually molesting a Boy Scout. It was decided that prosecuting the case would not be the best for the boy and the case was filed without adjudication.”

Seattle attorney Tim Kosnoff posted the list on the web.

“These files, I mean they’re so voluminous that they’re almost inaccessible. 60,000 pages plus. How does the average person, or even a reporter, get their arms around something like that. And so my index is a very valuable tool, it summarizes much of the information that are in those files.”

Media outlets have had access to the files and published stories about them. But Kosnoff says the summary hasn’t ever been directly available to the public.

Similar records, created between 1966 and 1985, are expected to be released soon — following a lawsuit brought by media outlets, including OPB.

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