Eugene attorney Mike Arnold has stepped away as lead counsel for Ammon Bundy.

Bundy was the leader of the group that took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days earlier this year.
“Our firm is out,” Arnold wrote in a text Thursday.
Court documents filed Wednesday show Utah-based attorney Morgan Philpot will be taking over the case.

Arnold said via text that the decision to leave the case was his, not Bundy’s. Arnold said Bundy “seems excited for Morgan to get involved.”

Arnold said Philpot was born in Oregon, and is a member of both the Oregon and Utah bars.
Philpot formerly served as a state representative in Utah. He also attempted to run as a federal rep for the state, and had a failed run for governor of the state in 2011.
“Morgan’s entrance into this case is a positive step forward and does not diminish our belief in the protestors or this case,” Arnold wrote on Facebook.

“We believe in Ammon Bundy. He is a thoughtful and courageous man, a wonderful client and now a friend.”