A federal judge has refused Ryan Bundy’s request to keep all of his jailhouse phone calls private.

Bundy was a leader of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation and is serving as his own lawyer. In oral arguments this week, Bundy told U.S. District Court Judge Robert Jones that he needs complete freedom to call potential witnesses and collect evidence for his own defense without monitoring by law enforcement.

Jones told jailers not to monitor calls between Bundy and his standby lawyer, but he said other calls Bundy makes are not covered by attorney-client privilege.

“I am satisfied that defendants have failed to show that any of the MSCO [Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office] jail regulations or policies impinge their constitutional rights or entitle them to the protective order they seek,” Jones wrote in a court order.

Earlier this week, Jones ruled Ryan Bundy and his brother Ammon, also a leader of the refuge occupation, should be allowed to work on their defense together.

OPB’s Anna Griffin contributed to this report.