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On The Trail Of America's Dangerous, Dead Electronics

Despite pledges to responsibly recycle old TVs and other unwanted electronics with toxic materials inside, an investigation tracks e-waste from the U.S. to unregulated scrapyards in Hong Kong.

Explainer: The World’s Fastest Growing Source Of Toxic Waste

Every year the world produces 1.4 billion new phones. The old ones join old TVs computers and other electronics in the fastest growing waste stream on the planet.

The Hunt For Toxic E-Waste In Hong Kong Scrapyards

A mini-documentary about a Seattle non-profit that deploys hidden GPS trackers to find out if pledges are being kept to process hazardous electronics in the U.S. when American consumers take them to be recycled.

How Your Old Flatscreen Ends Up In Hong Kong

GPS trackers placed in four electronic devices sent signals from recycling centers in the U.S. to landfills in Hong Kong. Are your old electronics being recycled responsibly? Explore each tracker's journey spanning thousands of miles and hundreds of days. Read "The Circuit" to learn more about e-waste.

How We Did It: Reporting 'The Circuit'

Here's what happened when two EarthFix producers decided to follow the trail of electronic waste in its afterlife. The quest took them to rural outposts outside of Hong Kong.

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About The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

Our international undercover investigation reveals what really happens to our discarded TVs, phones and computers.

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