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Class Of 2025: Meet The Students

OPB is following a cohort of first graders from now until they graduate high school. These students all began school at Earl Boyles, an elementary school in east Portland. 

For the next twelve years, OPB will be following these students and telling the story of their education. Here, we introduce you to a few of the kids from the Class of 2025. Click the audio link to hear their voices.

 Leyna Nguyen tries to win at a game she made at school in front her mom and baby sister.

Osvaldo Lopez-Thorsnes teaches reporter Rob Manning how to fly a paper airplane.

Munira Moalim says what she likes best about school, with a little help from her parents.

 Anais Herrera-Martinez talks about the bees that live near her home, and why they’re important.

Austin Clark shares his perspective on the Blazers.

Kalani Fulmer describes what she’d like to be when she grows up.

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