An Albertsons grocery store.

An Albertsons grocery store.

Werth Media/Flickr

Opponents of a corporate tax increase on the November ballot revealed this week they have raised another $1.5 million.

New disclosure reports show several companies are putting up six-figure donations to fight the measure. Opponents of Measure 97 have now topped $8 million in fundraising.

That far out-distances supporters, who report raising just over $2 million.

Measure 97 would levy a 2.5-percent tax on corporations with more than $25 million in annual sales in Oregon.  

Supporters say the proposal will raise billions of tax dollars for schools and other services in Oregon. Opponents say it will hurt the economy and raise prices to consumers.  

The latest disclosure reports, released Wednesday and Thursday, show major contributions from three insurance companies — Cambia, Standard and Farmers. Other big donations came from Lithia Motors, Albertson’s-Safeway and PacifiCorp.

Here are the amounts of the most recent contributions, followed in parentheses by the total they have given to the opposition campaign:

Albertson’s-Safeway — $375,000 ($500,000)

Lithia Motors — $350,000 ($455,000)

Standard Insurance — $250,000 ($303,500)

Cambia — $230,000 ($380,000)

PacifiCorp — $150,000 ($175,000)

Farmers Insurance — $80,000 ($120,000)

CalPortland — $25,000

Darigold — $10,000

Mutual of Enumclaw — $10,000

Owens Illinois — $10,000