A Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputy was seen shouting at voters from a marked car on Election Day.

The Portland Mercury reports the deputy drove past an elections office in downtown Portland and chanted “Vote Trump” over the car’s public address system.

Lt. Chad Gaidos of the sheriff’s department said the officer has been identified.

“The employee was called back to the office. The negative behavior was addressed immediately,” he said. “And we’re starting an internal affairs investigation as well.”

Gaidos said the alleged action is a violation of the sheriff’s department and county policy. Gaidos said the investigation would also determine whether the actions were a violation of state election laws.

Under Oregon law, electioneering is prohibited within 100 feet of the entrance of a building used for ballot deposits. Using a public address system is prohibited further away if the message can still be heard within 100 feet.

However, Multnomah County Elections Director Tim Scott told the Mercury he doubted a law was violated, considering a recent court opinion said the statute infringed on First Amendment rights, and the fact that the drive-by nature of the electioneering would be difficult to enforce.