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Where Do Oregon Gubernatorial Candidates Visit?

Gubernatorial candidates Bud Pierce and Kate Brown.

Gubernatorial candidates Bud Pierce and Kate Brown.

Statesman Journal

A comparison of campaign stops by gubernatorial candidates Gov. Kate Brown and Dr. Bud Pierce shows two different approaches for winning the election.

Brown, the Democratic incumbent, has campaigned mostly in larger Oregon cities where the electorate is concentrated, according to a list of official stops provided by her campaign. Brown has also campaigned in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Pierce, a Salem cancer doctor and Republican, has made five times more official campaign stops than Brown, including visits to small, rural communities. He’s made two out-of-state stops: one to Stevens, Washington and the other to Aspen, Colorado for a Republican Governors Association conference.

A spokeswoman for Brown’s campaign said in a written statement that the nature of Brown’s position as governor means she visits with Oregonians across the state. Her interactions with citizens aren’t limited to official campaign stops, the spokeswoman said.

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