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Adams Weighs In On Fluoride In Portland's Water

Mayor Sam Adams weighs in on the issue of adding fluoride to Portland's water.

Mayor Sam Adams weighs in on the issue of adding fluoride to Portland’s water.

April Baer/OPB

Portland appears on track to approve adding fluoride to the city’s water.

Mayor Sam Adams announced Friday afternoon that he will support a plan Commissioner Randy Leonard is drafting. Adams says he has looked into the issue several times over the years, and reviewed the latest research. He has concluded it’s good for Portland to be “its own weird self,” but not on the issue of fluoride.

“We are incredibly late to this game, and if you think about the generations of children who’ve been impacted by our refusal to do what other large cities have done, in some cases decades ago, I think there’s plenty of research for Portlanders to dig into and make our own decision, and I think most Portlanders will find it very compelling,” Adams says.

Adams says he was the beneficiary of fluoridated water, growing up in the city of Newport, and is glad he had it.

No Council vote is scheduled yet for the proposal. Both Leonard and Adams will be leaving City Hall at the end of the year. 

No formal opposition to the fluoridation plan has emerged yet, but there is at least one non-profit that has lobbied against fluoridation at the state level. 

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