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EPA's New Fluoride Rules Won't Mean Much In Oregon

New federal rules governing fluoride in drinking water won’t affect much of Oregon.

That’s because less than one quarter of the population drinks fluoridated water, according to Oregon health officials.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Human Services are recommending less fluoride be added to drinking water, in places where flouride is used.

The suggested reduction could bolster foes of fluoridation. J. Nadine Gracia is a chief medical officer for the federal health department.

She backs fluoride – but says decisions to fluoridate water aren’t made in D.C.

J. Nadine Gracia: “Community water fluoridation is an effective method to prevent tooth decay, and the guidelines are voluntary, and states and local communities make that determination.”

Gracia says part of the reason scientists concluded that a lower amount of fluoride was acceptable is because people are getting fluoride in other ways.

The reduction is also based on research into flourosis, or the discoloring of teeth due to excess fluoride.

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