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7 Oregon Adventures For The Winter

With a bevy of places to ski, snowboard, snowshoe and explore in the Northwest, here are seven picks that are a great place to adventure.

5 Experts: How To Stay Healthy This Flu Season

We reached out across the state — to a family family doctor, personal trainer, yoga instructor, naturopath and bartender — to learn some tips on how to stay healthy this flu season.

Latin American Stews To Cure A Cold

Under the winter weather? Cook up one of these two easy, healing Latin American stews.

Snow Harvesting: Northwest Ski Resorts Adapt To Climate Change

With climate models predicting warmer winters and less snow in the future, Northwest ski resorts are finding strategies they can use to adapt.

Pacific Northwest Rainy Day Playlist

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a good chance that it’s raining when you read this — that's why KMHD's Program Director Matt Fleeger curated a soundtrack for those infamous Northwest rainy days.

20 Years Later: Hypothermia Is Still Hypothermia

About 400 times a year, search and rescue teams are deployed in Oregon. Most folks who get into trouble get lost in the snow, where the number one danger is death from hypothermia.

Bridgetown Snow: A Photographic History

Over the years, Portland has seen some extraordinary weather. And sometimes those moments were captured forever — on film. Look back at some great images of Bridge City's historical weather events.

Winter's Coming: 10 Questions For Northwest Weather Experts

We talked to two weather experts from the Northwest and asked them 10 questions about the weather ahead in our area.

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A monthly series exploring stories, adventures and issues in the Northwest.