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Lead Found At 13 Schools In The Beaverton School District


Lead In The Water

Communities across the Northwest were shocked recently to discover dangerously high lead levels in their water. How did this happen, and what’s being done to fix the problem?

Drinking fountains at 13 schools and one support facility in the Beaverton School District contain excessive lead, according to a report released by the district Monday with test results for 23 schools and three support facilities.

Over the summer, more than 6,000 samples were taken at 64 schools and facilities district-wide. Multiple samples were collected from all drinking fountains and nearly two-thirds of the results are forthcoming. Further results will be released on a weekly basis.

So far, the district has released results for 2,244 samples collected at 1,122 fountains across the district. Of those, 100 samples contained lead above the action level of 15 parts per billion or higher set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for municipal water suppliers.

The first batch of results prioritized reporting levels for older schools with a greater potential to have high lead levels in their aging pipes. Lead was found in drinking water facilities everywhere from classrooms to hallways to portables.

Read more at Pamplin Media Group.

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