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Jantzen Beach Amusement Park

It might be hard to believe now, but not too long ago, what stood in place of the sprawling Jantzen Beach Center on Hayden Island was a great North American amusement park.

The Enduring Life Of Salem's Bob's Hamburgers

Bob's Hamburgers, a regional fast-food chain, has gained a cult following since it closed in 2001. Now its fans are slowly bringing it back to life.

Seaside's Bungalow Dance Hall

Mary Cornell remembers The Bungalow Dance Hall in Seaside — a place she and her sister visited every weekend night in the summer. It hosted some of the biggest names from the big band era.

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Mary Cornell remembers the Bungalow Dance Hall. Every weekend night in the summer, she and her sister Betty would go to dance and catch some of the most popular big band groups of the time.

















About Oregon's Lost Summer Hangouts

We explore a few of Oregon's lost summer hangouts, iconic summer destinations that no longer exist.

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