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local | Election 2012: Measures

Ballot Measures Likely As Signature Campaigns End

Ballot measure campaigns are wrapping up their efforts to gather signatures for November’s election.

Almost four-dozen initiatives have been floated in Oregon, but it looks like about six or seven might actually qualify.

Union forces are lining up behind a campaign to divert Oregon’s corporate kicker toward K-12 education.

The so-called “Death Tax Phase-Out Committee” is working on gathering signatures for a plan to get rid of Oregon’s estate tax. The group has received the bulk of its funding from Common Sense for Oregon, a group affiliated with former lawmaker and initiative sponsor Kevin Mannix.

An initiative to end gill-net fishing for everyone except tribal fishermen is also competing for signatures. It’s sponsored by a conservation group that’s mounted a similar campaign in recent years.  Backers say they have collected enough to qualify for the ballot. 

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act is also planning to submit a final round of signatures Friday. Its backers want to legalize marijuana for commercial sale. Read more about that effort here.

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