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local | Election 2012: Measures

Campaigns Deliver Petitions For Oregon Ballot Measures

Campaigners on Friday delivered their final batches of petition signatures to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

Campaigners deliver petitions with signatures

Lucila Cejas Epple / OPB

Ballot measure sponsors submitted signatures of voters who want to repeal Oregon’s Estate Tax, and of those who favor Initiative 9, which would regulate cannabis for adults to use, and to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp.

After filing the final paperwork, I-9’s Chief Petitioner, Paul Stafford, said it was a relief.

“It feels great, we’ve been working for this for some time,” he said.

Stafford said his campaign collected 165,000 signatures. To qualify for the ballot, 87,213 of those must be deemed valid.

Secretary of State Kate Brown’s staff will now begin the work of verifying submitted signatures, which is done with statistical sampling.

Although signatures were gathered for 45 initiatives, observers believe voters may end up deciding fewer than ten. Brown says she’s noticed the initiative process tends to be a bit more active in years when the economy is down. So she expects a robust initiative campaign season.