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Election 2012: Measures

Citizen Board Split On Casino Ballot Measures

The Citizens’ Initiative Review has come up with six findings on the potential impact of Measures 82 and 83. Panelists split with 7 in supportof the measure, and 17 opposing. The Citizens’ Initiative Review is a non-profit that aims to provide independent assessments of controversial ballot measures.

Its subject, Measure 82, would amend Oregon’s constitution to allow non-tribal casinos and requires those casinos to give a percentage of their revenue to the state lottery. But 82 sponsors also back Measure 83, which authorizes a Multnomah County casino in Wood Village that would contribute a percentage of its revenue to the state lottery.

The panel concluded economists offer conflicting information on the long-term impact of private casinos. They also found Measure 82, if passed, would likely diminish tribal casino revenues and the Oregon State Lottery. But Panelist Jeff Coffman of Pendleton says the review was tough, since the two measures were so closely related.

“There are two separate measures. If people don’t want one in Wood Village, that just is Measure 83,” said Coffman. “82 might be valid for those communities outside the metro area that need revenue.”

Conclusions will be printed in the voters’ pamphlet.

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