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National Grange Settles With 'The Grange' Over Name

Officials with the National Grange announced a settlement Wednesday with the promoters of a proposed casino, over their use of the name “the Grange.”

The deal allows casino backers to use “the Grange” name until the November election, averting a legal battle. That’s when Oregon voters will decide two casino-related measures.

National Grange president, Edward Luttrell

National Grange president, Edward Luttrell

Michael Clapp/OPB

National Grange president, Edward Luttrell, told a crowd at the Tigard Grange hall that future advertising will clarify who is – and who isn’t – behind the casino.

“We hope this resolution will allow the public to continue to see the Grange as a community organization, steeped in family values, that is not involved in a proposed casino project in the state of Oregon,” Luttrell said.

The deal includes a financial payment from casino backers to the National Grange. They would not disclose the amount.

Casino proponents issued an apology, saying they should’ve consulted the group in advance.

The deal doesn’t cover what might happen if voters approve the casino measures in November.

The national Grange announces settlement with The Grange casino.

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The national Grange announces settlement with The Grange casino.