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Judge Sets April 2012 Date For Mohamud Trial

Attorneys dueled in court Wednesday over what evidence can be presented at the trial of a young man accused of plotting to set a bomb in downtown Portland last November.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud

Attorneys for Mohamed Mohamud say they want more information about early monitoring of their client.

Public Defender Steven Sady said information in the discovery phase of the case indicated Mohamud might have been watched as early as 2008.

If that’s true, the government may have surveiled Mohamud when he was as young as sixteen.

Judge Garr King instructed the defense to submit arguments to him. He’ll review the matter further.

This was one of several evidence issues the parties discussed. Defense attorneys are asking for some additional material. For example, they have videos of their client meeting with federal agents. They want to see any tapes of agents talking before their client arrived.

Mohamud attended the hearing, as did his family. Neither would speak to reporters.

Judge King set a trial date for next April.

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