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Craftsman Shapes Music As He Builds Violins

Craftsman Jeff Manthos does not consider himself a professional musician, but his work can be heard on stages across the Northwest. After years of serving as an air crewman in the U.S. Navy, Manthos attended a violin-making school in Salt Lake City and eventually settled in Corvallis, where he designs and builds violins in his studio. He crafts every instrument with care and precision, and says each violin developing its own character as it emerges from the wood shavings. While his life has taken many unexpected turns, including a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Manthos says he has found peace and stability in writing about his illness, and in giving the gift of music to violinists in the Northwest and beyond.

NW Stories: Violin Maker Jeff Manthos from SOJC on Vimeo.

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