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Hales Cleared For Mayoral Run Despite Time In Wash.

Charlie Hales’ time in Washington state won’t stop him from running for mayor of Oregon’s largest city. Hales drew an elections’ complaint Tuesday over whether it was legal for him to vote in Oregon, while he lived and filed taxes in Washington.

Charlie Hales

John Rosman / OPB

The Multnomah County Elections’ director Tim Scott ruled Wednesday afternoon that Hales was eligible to vote in Oregon when he was in Washington.

Scott cites an Oregon law that allows a voter to live outside the state, but maintain Oregon residency, if “the person intends to return.”

Scott says Hales told him Wednesday, that he had always intended to return to Portland ­ where he lives now.

Portland’s elections’ office says a candidate for mayor has to be a registered voter in Oregon and the county has found no problems with Hales’ registration.

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