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PDX Mayoral Contenders Sharpen Attacks, Stick To Talking Points At City Club

Gloves came off at a Portland City Club forum featuring the three leading candidates for mayor. The contenders are sticking to their agendas, but sharpening the attacks.


Former City Commissioner Charlie Hales came out swinging, making not-so-subtle reference to his rivals’ resumes.


“Being a successful mayor is not running a store or serving in the legislature. It’s not about having a healthy ego or a lot of money. And it’s not an entry level position,” said Hales.


State Representative Jefferson Smith reiterated he’s the only one of the three who opposes the current plan to replace the Interstate Bridge, mostly because of cost.


“This project is broken largely because we have seen A-level political power applied to B-minus level math and engineering. The pressure to say something that starts with “yes” is immense,” Smith said.


Eileen Brady stuck with her often-repeated theme that her private sector and non-profit experience will translate into a modern approach at City Hall.


“My campaign itself is evidence of the coalition of labor, business, enviromentalists, and communities of color that I can put together,” said Brady.


The candidates have a little over three weeks left to close the deal.

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