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Smith: 1993 Party 'A Terrible Night For Everybody'

Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith responded Tuesday on OPB’s Think Out Loud to published reports about a 1993 incident in which he injured a woman at a party.

He described the night of the party as “a terrible night for everybody.”

Smith contradicted published reports that the woman had rejected his advances before the scuffle. He said he had no recollection of that.

Host Dave Miller asked Smith about his attempt to speak to the woman at her house a week ago, and whether he was barred from seeing her.

Smith responded, “There was no agreement for there to be no contact. There was a six month period during which we had no contact, and were intended to have no contact. That six months was 19 years ago. So that is just a misstatement of fact.”

Smith said he went to the woman’s house to advise her that the story was coming out, and to offer her anonymity if she wanted it.

The comments came during an OPB mayoral debate between Smith and Charlie Hales. Hales was asked whether his campaign led reporters to the story of Smith’s assault charge, and he said it did not.

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