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Smith, Hales Begin Second Round Of Mayoral Campaign

The voting in the Portland mayor’s race is sending Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith to a run-off election in November.

John Rosman / OPB

Hales and Smith appeared on OPB’s Think Out Loud Wednesday morning. The candidates now find themselves in a two-man race, rather than being in a field of 23. One of the big topics continues to be public school funding. Hales says he wants money for education to be at the top of Portland’s list.

Hales said, “My opponent, Mr. Smith, is part of that problem that we have the legislature failing to fund public education in the city of Portland adequately. I want us to be ready for the next legislative session as a community.”

Amanda Peacher / OPB
Charlie Hales

Smith said, “Well, I just learned one thing. And that is that Charlie Hales is going to start talking about somehow I’m the problem in education. I didn’t know that until just now. I thought I had been doing what I could to be part of the solution.”

Smith says one of the biggest differences between him and Hales is that he wants to “identify, recruit, and develop” other people to be successful.

Eileen Brady came in third last night, with 22.4 percent as of noon Wednesday. She has not said if she will endorse Hales or Smith.

Photos by John Rosman, Michael Kilman, Michael Clapp and Amanda Peacher/OPB News

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