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Oregon Unemployment Stuck At 9.5 Percent

Job growth in Oregon remains stuck.

The latest figures show the unemployment rate for October at 9.5 percent. It’s the seventh straight month the rate has floated within a narrow half-percentage point range.

Chart shows Oregon's unemployment rate. Courtesy Oregon Employment Dept.

State employment economist, Nick Beleiciks, says Oregon has been adding new jobs, just not enough.

“Right now it seems like the labor force is growing at pretty much the same pace as the number of jobs. So we’re seeing more people in the work force, but they’re taking up the jobs almost equally,” Beleiciks said.

So while jobs are being added, the unemployment rate is staying essentially flat.

In October, Oregon’s non-farm payroll employment grew.  Professional  services and government — in particular local school districts — added jobs.  And the holiday hiring season was also off to a good start.

But those jobs were balanced by large seasonal losses in manufacturing, construction and leisure.


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